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he's the one and only.

time to lay claim to the evidence
finger prints sold me out
but our footprints washed away
from the docks downtown
and it's been getting late for days
and i feel myself deserving of
a little time off
we can kick it, hang for hours and
just mouth off about the world
and how we know it's going straight to hell
pass me another bottle honey, the jaeger's so sweet
but if it keeps you around, then i'm down

meet me on thames street
i'll take you out, though I'm hardly worth your time
in the cold you look so fierce
but i'm warm enough
because the tension's like a fire
we'll hit south broadway in a matter of minutes
and like a bad movie, i'll drop a line
fall in the grave i've been digging myself
but there's room for two
six feet under the stars

i should have known better than to call you out
on a night like this, a night like this
if not for you, i know i'd tear this place to the ground
but i'm alright like this, alright like this
i'm gonna roll the dice before you sober up and get gone
i'm always in over my head

time to lay claim to the evidence
finger prints sold me out
but our foot prints washed away
i'm guilty but i'm safe for one more day
overdressed and underage
what a let down
do you really need to see an id?
this is embarrassing as hell
what a let down
but i can cover for it so well
when we're six feet under the stars

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